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LeAnn Rimes got an unexpected result when she tweeted several pictures of herself in a bikini.

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Rimes commented on how much she loved the swimsuit and also wrote about having hurt her heel after slipping on a rock during her honeymoon in Mexico with Eddie Cibrian.

But all one fan could see were skin and and bones.

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“Whoa, you’re scary skinny! Sorry don’t mean to offend but that’s a lot of bones showing through skin,” wrote one of her followers.

“Those are called abs not bones, love,” LeAnn shot back.

PHOTOS: LeAnn & Eddie In Cabo

“This is my body, and I can promise you I’m a healthy girl,” she added. “I’m just lean.”

Rimes’ gaunt physique has been the subject of much discussion for several months, but LeAnn — and Eddie — obviously like her just the way she is.


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