Tim McGraw played along with Sandra Bullock in The Blind Side and performs the role of a husband of the actress. He spoke out about his co-star, who is experiencing not good times because of her husband Jesse James who is alleged of infidelity.

The actor did not contact Sandra, he said that she got a lot on her plate, the only thing that he could wish her is nothing but the best. He considered that Bullock is able to weather this marital problem and added that she is tough and she will cope with everything.

What concerns the professional aspect, Sandra Bullock was praised by McGraw. He said that she is a great teacher as well as coworker, she is a real professional, she does excellent her job. The actress gave a lot to him due to which he learned a lot. McGraw described her as a friendly as well as nice person. Now doubts that they got friendly.

When it comes to Bullock’s Best Actress Oscar win for the film, he said that her performance was really amazing and good that it was not so hard to overlook that.

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