Although Big Red denies it, is emphatic that Gary Coleman’s odd ex-wife — Shannon Price — is behind the sale of gruesome photos of the TV star as he lay dying in a Utah hospital last month, including one taken after his death.

Shame on you, Shannon. What a heartless, money-grubbing little beast!! Poor Gary — did anyone ever really love him?

Shannon, who divorced the pint-sized Diff’rent Strokes actor in 2008, got a production company to shoot the series of pictures, which have now been sold to an American tabloid (Five Bucks says its The National Enquirer, who published a photo of an expired Anna Nicole Smith in 2007.) for a five-figure sum.

TMZ tipsters say the production company used to capture the images is the same one that Price gave an interview to hours after Coleman passed away. The actress, 24, will split the profits 50/50 with the company.

The disturbing images reportedly show 42-year-old Coleman in his hospital bed, bloodied, with tubes sticking out of his body. One picture was snapped after he died, following a massive haemorrhage caused by a fall at his home in Utah, but the magazine will refrain from publishing it. Another photo shows Price posing next to her unconscious ex husband.

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