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What to Watch This Weekend: GCB, A Gifted Man, and Lindsay Lohan on SNL

Your enjoyment of this weekend is written in the stars! Your happiness is predestined! Your smile is truly meant to be! Same goes for your television, which has been looking forward to entertaining you all week. Here’s how it’ll do that:

What to watch on Friday, March 2…

9pm, NBCGrimmTonight the guys take a look into a botched jewelry store robbery in which rare coins may or may not hold a fantastical… Continue reading What to Watch This Weekend: GCB, A Gifted Man, and Lindsay Lohan on SNL

Rejoice! For it is the weekend, a two-day vacation during which you can run errands, perform manual labor, organize your paperwork… you know, relax. And keeping you company through this time of “relaxation” will be your ever-loving television. Here’s proof!

What to watch on Friday, December 2…

8pm, CBSA Gifted ManPretty Kate and dreamy Michael team up to save a clinic patient who may have a deadly virus. Meanwhile, at the rich… Continue reading What to Watch This Weekend: A Gifted Man, Steve Buscemi on SNL, and Homeland


… CBS has made a decision on the supernatural medical drama A Gifted Man, or at least it’s made a third of a decision. The network has ordered three more episodes, bringing the show’s first-season total to 16. Typically networks order the “back 9” episodes of a new series to give it a full season, but CBS said, “Screw it. We’re CBS, we can do what we want.”… Continue reading News Briefs: CBS Orders More (But Not That Much More) of A Gifted Man

When I first heard the plot description of A Gifted Man, I grimaced—brilliant neurosurgeon begins seeing his dead ex-wife, who sets him on a new path in life. But I love series star Patrick Wilson, an underappreciated character actor who has done great work in film and theater. And I was hearing positive buzz, even from those who admitted the premise wasn’t all that appealing.

So I gave it a chance… Continue reading A Gifted Man: Not So Gifted!

Teenage pop sensation Justin Bieber got the ultimate birthday gift from P.Diddy on his 16th birthday – the keys to his prized Lamborghini. Diddy had promised to hand over the 131,000-pound-car when Bieber was old enough to drive, reports the Telegraph. Bieber was spotted at the wheel of Diddy”s white Gallardo Spyder with his friend […] Continue reading P. Diddy ‘gifted’ Justin Bieber Lamborghini on his 16th b’day