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Watch Captain America Raise a Genius in the 'Gifted' Trailer

This week marks the 25th anniversary of Little Man Tate, which means it’s probably overdue for a remake. But while Jodie Foster’s directorial debut isn’t officially being redone, there is a movie coming soon that seems rather similar but with the main characters gender-flipped.

Titled Gifted, this new and original work stars Chris Evans as the guardian of his niece (McKenna Grace), who turns out to be a genius. And just as in Little Man Tate, while he wants her to have a normal life, there’s a woman (Lindsay Duncan) who wants the special child to go where she’ll be stimulated and challenged and use her talents to their full potential.

In the trailer below, you can see one big difference, and that’s the presence of a love interest. Jenny Slate is the little girl’s teacher, whom we can be certain falls for ol’ Captain America. And rounding out the main cast is Octavia Spencer. This is Mark Webb’s first feature since his two Amazing Spider-Man movies, and it’s from a Black List script by Tom Flynn. Webb’s last original movie was, of course, (500) Days of Summer, the hit that shot him into the big time. Now it’s time for him to get back to small, good movies, and here’s hoping Gifted is one. The heartfelt drama hits theaters on April 12, 2017.  

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