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Jason O’Mara may have already lined up a new gig on CBS’s period drama Vegas, but the star still has some choice words about the cancellation of Fox’s Terra Nova.

“I felt like Fox took an awful long time to make what was ultimately a premature decision,” he told reporters today at TCA while joined on stage by Vegas stars Dennis Quaid and Michael Chiklis. “A decision could have… Continue reading Jason O’Mara on ‘Terra Nova’ axing: Fox took ‘awful long time’ to make ‘premature decision’

Fox Cancels Terra Nova



March 5, 2012

After just a single season, Fox’s “Terra Nova” has been cancelled.

The show, from executive producers Steven Spielberg, Peter Chernin, Ren Echevarria and Brannon Braga, followed an ordinary family, the Shannons, on a journey back in time to prehistoric Earth as part of an experiment to save mankind. It starred Stephen Lang, Jason O’Mara, Shelley Conn, Landon


… Might there still be life in Terra Nova? Fox has picked up Jason O’Mara and Stephen Lang’s contracts, and Deadline reports that a hunt is on for high-level writers to join executive producers Brannon Braga and Rene Echevarria for Season 2. Still, don’t get your hopes up: The network could easily pull the plug and cut their losses. (And they probably should.) [Deadline]

… “Frightening docudrama” Keeping Up with

What to watch on Monday, December 12…

Haha, bet you weren’t expecting THIS mug staring at you from in front of a fireball. You’re probably like, “What year is this??” Sorry. Mondays, am I right? But anyway: So much TV tonight! Some of it’ll even be good!

SEASON PREMIERE, 8pm, NBCFear FactorIn a testament to the fact that sometimes our prayers go unanswered, Fear Factor returns tonight for an all-new round of… Continue reading What to Watch Tonight: Terra Nova, Rizzoli & Isles, and the Return of Fear Factor

Yo! TV.com Commenter Shout-Outs! You want ’em, we got ’em. This week, we make burial plans for Terra Nova, we rank the new fall comedies, and we bid a (hopefully not permanent) goodbye to Community.

Well, Fox has a bit of a pterodactyl-sized turkey on its hands with Terra Nova. The show’s first season is about to finish its 13-episode run, and so we asked the grand, existential TV question: Now… Continue reading TV.com Commenter Shout-Outs: Your Recent Thoughts on Community's Christmas Episode, the Season's Best New Comedies, and the Fate of Terra Nova