News Briefs: Terra Nova Gets a Finale Date, But Will the Show Return?


… Fox’s Terra Nova will go out the same way it came in: with a two-hour episode. The dino drama’s 13-episode first season will conclude on December 19, but the real question is, will it live to see a second season? Given the show’s high price tag and lower-than-expected ratings, I’m not so sure. Terra Nova certainly isn’t going to pick up many new viewers, but if it can rule overseas (which is a good bet) it might survive. Ultimately, though, Terra Nova looks like a bust, and the ratings will show that in the coming weeks. [EW]

… Good news for Harry’s Law‘s fan (har): NBC has ordered six more scripts for the program, which only has a 13-episode order so far. Script orders are a great sign that a network is seriously considering adding more episodes. [Deadline Hollywood]

… Courteney Cox and David Arquette are getting back together! Well, to work on a show. The duo is producing Ten Years for NBC, the network that will buy anything these days as it tries to get back on top. The comedy follows a group of friends and their ups and downs over a decade. [Deadline Hollywood]

… Jonah Hill must be stopped! He’s sold a comedy to Fox that doesn’t have a concept or a format, but will star comedian Hannibal Buress. Yes, this is how Hollywood works. One famous guy in Hollywood tells a studio he’ll come up with something, and the studio pays him. [Deadline Hollywood]

… ABC’s midseason comedy Apartment 23 was originally titled Don’t Trust the Bitch in Apartment 23, but then ABC got scared and shortened it. Spineless! Now ABC is changing its mind and reinstating the original name, sort of. Look forward to Don’t Trust the B––– in Apartment 23. What’s the B stand for? Baboon? Border Collie? Bananas? What can’t I trust, ABC, WHAT CAN’T I TRUST? [EW]

… Syfy has announced a return date for Being Human: Monday, January 16. That same night, the network will also debut new series Lost Girl, about a succubus that feeds off sexual energy. Given the many synonyms for “handsome” and “sexy” that the network used in its description for the show, I think I’ll pass. [Syfy via press release]


… And now finally, some interesting news! Justified has cast its bad guys for Season 3: Neal McDonough and Mykelti Williamson, both of whom starred in Boomtown. McDonough will play a Detroit mobster and Williamson will play a man who lives in a small black community. Also news: Jeremy Davies will return. [EW]

… Rachael Harris will guest star on Fox’s New Girl as a quirky vice-principal who loans a school bus to Jess (Zooey Deschanel) for Schmidt’s birthday party. [EW]

… Michael Douglas will play famed flamboyant pianist Liberace in an HBO biopic. Matt Damon will also star, and super-awesome director Steven Soderbergh will direct. [NY Times]

… Former supermodel Cheryl Tieg and race-car driver Mario Andretti have signed up for the next round of Celebrity Apprentice, if anyone out there cares. [EW]

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