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When people meet Jordan Gavaris for the first time, the reaction is usually the same: “Wait, you’re not British?” But don’t feel sorry for Gavaris. He brought this all on himself with his flawlessly flamboyant portrayal of Sarah’s foster brother Felix on BBC America’s Orphan Black. The accent employed by Canadian born and bred Gavaris to play the English Felix is so convincing, in fact, that even after hanging… Continue reading ‘Orphan Black’: Jordan Gavaris talks Felix and having the best fake accent on TV

Sometimes it’s the little things that really make a difference when it comes to discovering a character. Speaking to Dave Karger for Fandango’s Frontrunners video series, Jonah Hill revealed the various steps he had to take in order to nail down the thick Long Island accent his character Donnie strolls around with in Martin Scorsese’s The Wolf of Wall Street. 

As Hill explains, the character required him… Continue reading Watch: Jonah Hill Prank-Called Best Buy Just to Practice His 'Wolf of Wall Street' Accent

The most surprising thing about the trailer for ‘The Five-Year Engagement,’ which debuted on Wednesday to mostly high marks around the Internet? That brief glimpse of beloved ‘Community’ star Alison Brie speaking with a British accent. How did Brie affect such a charming voice?

“I think it went well, I’m nervous to see it,” she told The Insider. “I had a great vocal coach here in LA… Continue reading Alison Brie on Her 'Five-Year Engagement' British Accent: 'I'm Nervous to See It'


Image Credit: Eric McCandless/ABC

Tonight marks the official beginning of Declan’s introduction into girlfriend Charlotte’s world on Revenge, and according to Connor Paolo, that’s as scary as it sounds.

“In last episode he was invited to their 4th of July party and he went, but this time, he’s sitting across the table from Conrad and Victoria and a couple other folks that he’s… Continue reading ‘Revenge’ star Connor Paolo talks tonight’s uncomfortable dinner with the Graysons, explains Declan’s accent

Review: Shutter Island Insanely Bad

Mark Ruffalo, Leonardo Dicaprio, Shutter IslandReview in a Hurry: Martin Scorsese strands Leonardo DiCaprio with a bad Boston accent on a creepy island in the ’50s, looking for an escaped mental patient and finding more than he bargained…