Alison Brie on Her ‘Five-Year Engagement’ British Accent:

The most surprising thing about the trailer for ‘The Five-Year Engagement,’ which debuted on Wednesday to mostly high marks around the Internet? That brief glimpse of beloved ‘Community’ star Alison Brie speaking with a British accent. How did Brie affect such a charming voice?

“I think it went well, I’m nervous to see it,” she told The Insider. “I had a great vocal coach here in LA for a few weeks but when I got out there, Emily became my unofficial vocal coach. It was more important that we sound alike than me studying a super proper British accent. The hardest part was that there was so much improv in the movie that the biggest challenge became thinking of an idea and process it through the accent quickly.”

Based on the briefest of brief glimpses, Brie doesn’t sound too awful. At the very least, the British accent adds to her mystique as your current dream girl of the moment.

‘The Five-Year Engagement’ hits theaters in April.

[via The Insider]

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