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Hotel Transylvania

Samurai Jack’s Genndy Tartakovsky directs this animated tale concerning a hotel where monsters such as Dracula (Adam Sandler)… Read More


Parents just don’t understand. No matter how old you get, they’ll treat you like you’re still in diapers. That’s why every teen celebrates their 18th birthday in a big fashion (hey, you’ve got the law backing your new-found grown-up attitude). So imagine how desperate… Continue reading 'Hotel Transylvania' Clip: Dracula and Daughter Argue About Growing Up (VIDEO)

Did years of public ridicule and a fall from grace on the pop charts prompt Michael Jackson to take his own life? The world may never know, but it’s allegedly the defense fast-talking island MD Conrad Murray will use as he defends himself against allegations that he gave the King of Pop a lethal overdose […] Continue reading Michael Jackson Suicide? Attorneys For Dr. Conrad Murray Will Argue King Of Pop Killed Himself