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‘Hotel Transylvania’ Clip: Dracula and Daughter Argue About Growing Up (VIDEO)

Hotel Transylvania

Samurai Jack’s Genndy Tartakovsky directs this animated tale concerning a hotel where monsters such as Dracula (Adam Sandler)… Read More


Parents just don’t understand. No matter how old you get, they’ll treat you like you’re still in diapers. That’s why every teen celebrates their 18th birthday in a big fashion (hey, you’ve got the law backing your new-found grown-up attitude). So imagine how desperate it must be for a teenage vampire who is waiting to declare their freedom; they need to wait until they turn one hundred and eighteen years old just before the blood-sucking ‘rents lighten up on the curfew.

Such is the dilemma for Mavis Dracula, or “Mavy Wavy” as Poppa Drac likes to affectionately call her. When the world’s most famous vampire isn’t busy running “Hotel Transylvania,” the five-star resort for werewolves, mummies and invisible men, Pops is busy fretting over his daughter’s growing need for some space and independence. With Mavy Wavy hitting the big 1-1-8, he decides to ease up and trust that his little fanged girl will turn into a responsible fanged woman.

He’ll probably regret his decision though, once Mavis meets Jonathan, a lost traveler who stumbles upon Hotel Transylvania. Not only does he have eyes for Mavy (gasp!), but he’s twenty-one years old (double gasp!) and he’s a… human (blood-curdling shriek!)

“Hotel Transylvania,” featuring the voices of Adam Sandler and Selena Gomez as father-daughter creatures of the night, hits theaters on September 28.

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