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08/09/2012 at 03:00 PM ET

lady gaga 2 300x400 Lady Gaga’s September ‘Vogue’ Cover Is Appropriately AwesomeCourtesy VOGUE

After threatening the magazine with bagels via Twitter , Lady Gaga finally got her hands on her second Vogue cover.

“Who else sees me channeling @RuPaul on the COVER of VOGUE. If only I was as fierce as you b*tch. I did try to come

On May 27, British film icon Christopher Lee turns 90 years old. In his long and storied career, he’s delivered countless fantastic performances in everything from medieval adventures to gothic scary stories. (You may know him as Sauraman, Count Dooku, the Man with the Golden Gun or even Count Dracula.) And he has no plans to slow down, as indicated by recent roles in the Oscar-winning”Hugo” and this month’s “Dark… Continue reading Christopher Lee 90th Birthday: 90 Reasons The Horror Icon is Awesome

chuck vs santa suit2 Chuck: The Christmas that almost wasnt, but then was awesomeHere’s how good this Christmas episode of “Chuck” was: The NBC promo department’s unleashing a rather huge spoiler two weeks ago had only a negligible impact on how much we enjoyed it.

Would it have been better not to have seen Daniel Shaw before he was revealed to be the mysterious prisoner the Omen virus released? Sure. The show clearly wanted it that way — we… Continue reading 'Chuck': The Christmas that almost wasn't, but then was awesome

Review in a Hurry: Like some of the older James Bond movies, the new Mission: Impossible offers up a delicious blend of hilariously convenient futuristic gadgets, inventively staged and almost ludicrously perilous action and a Cold War-era arch villain with dreams of global annihilation. Tom Cruise‘s Ethan Hunt… Continue reading Movie Review: Mission: Impossible—Ghost Protocol an Awesome Blend of Gadgets, Comedy and Action

 ‘Survivor: South Pacific’: See a complete run through of the first immunity challenge (awesome Jeff Probst hat included!)

Image credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

While on location for Survivor: All-Stars, executive producer Mark Burnett and I were talking about the upcoming immunity challenge about to take place. In typical Burnett style, he was telling me how “epic” it was going to be and how each team had to dive 13 feet underwater to unhook a raft from… Continue reading ‘Survivor: South Pacific’: See a complete run through of the first immunity challenge (awesome Jeff Probst hat included!)