Star Trek – Final Stand Movie Trailer (2010)

A trailer for a NEW Star Trek film due 2010! ———- PLEASE READ: This is a fake trailer if you will, most of the battle footage is taken from the brilliant guys who made “Star Wreck” an absolute master piece of skill and talent. The story in Star Wreck was a battle between Star Trek and Babalon 5. There is also parts of other star trek films in this trailer I have made, and some sound additions from the latest Star Trek movie trailer. THIS IS MY TRAILER FOR A NON EXISTANT MOVIE, I CREATED IT FOR ENTERTAINMENT ONLY!!! LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK, WOULD YOU GO TO WATCH IT!? Created by David Bayliss ***Credits that made this trailer possible go to: Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning (2005)

25 thoughts on “Star Trek – Final Stand Movie Trailer (2010)

  1. This trailer really needs to be made into a movie, iam suprised no one has done it yet considering its most probably what everyone wants to see anyway.
    Fantastic job on the trailer!!!

  2. it is a fan made, fake movie, you can tell by blend effect of some ships using mirror effect , but it is good trailer

  3. The animation was done by someone else, but this video was made by myself. Considering at the time I only had Windows Movie Maker to use I don’t think the end product is that bad…

  4. I know many of us watch movies for entertainment purposes, I do too. I have seen the last start trek, 2009, it was awesome. but do you guys ever think about the hidden massages the movie has when watching, I always do. Even with avatar I did 🙂

  5. I think its very fine and entertaining work and i like it ;o) by the way i think some fleet scenes are from STAR WREK-In the Pirkinning,good choice.

  6. Would absolutely see this in theaters. The most recent Star Trek was a big hit and needs a sequel. BTW Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning was awesome and unbelievably under appreciated, heavily anticipating iron sky!

  7. it would be cool to see all the captains in one film, especially this one. looks very cool. shame it isnt a real film coming soon to theatres. 🙁

  8. and you call yourself trekkies?, what a shame. the big ship is the excalibur from the tv show Excalibur a spinoff of Babylon 5, and the little ones are white stars from babylon 5 tv show. btw tomorrow the sky is going to fall!!!!!!! at least the one who make this fake didnt use the battlestar galactica

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