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Sandra Bullock‘s attorney is going to court Monday to get a temporary restraining order against suspected burglar Joshua Corbett, who the star believes is a stalker after he broke onto her property Sunday, while she and her young son Louis Bardo were inside thehouse.

As we previously reported, a prowler subsequently identified as Corbett, 39, was taken into custody in connection with suspicion of residential… Continue reading Sandra Bullock Seeks Restraining Order On Prowler — Who She Believes To Be A Stalker — Trips Alarm On Her Property

Kate Gosselin has decided it’s time for her family to be back on television but their return to the small screen this summer has her ex-husband Jon fuming over the decision, saying that the eight kids are “being forced to be on TV.”

The former Jon & Kate Plus 8 stars have battled for years over her desire to remain

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On-the-run murder suspect John McAfee is still in hiding, but believes he will soon be tracked down and tortured or killed by Belizean authorities.

The billionaire co-founder of McAfee anti-virus software phoned Wired magazine for the second time in 48 hours revealing he has hidden in the bottoms of boats and cars, slept on a mattress infested with lice, before finally taking refuge in the… Continue reading John McAfee Believes He Will Be Tracked Down And Killed By Cops!

Bachelor’s Courtney Robertson Says She Believes Ben Flajnik Didn’t Cheat

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By Alexis Tereszcuk – Radar Senior Reporter

America might think Bachelor Ben is a cheater but his fiancée does not!

As radio detection and rangingOnline.com previously reported, Courtney Robertson won the final rose and engagement ring from Ben Flajnik on the season finale of The Bachelor and she’s sticking by her man — insisting that he did not cheat on her, despite incriminating photos emerging of the hunky winemaker… Continue reading Bachelor's Courtney Robertson Says She Believes Ben Flajnik Didn’t Cheat

Olivia Palermo StyleJason Kempin/Getty

Olivia Palermo is a whiz at mixing designer buys with lower-end pieces (much like Heidi Klum), and put her talents to work in New York City Thursday night during a styling event at Topshop. The fashionista, wearing head-to-toe Topshop, her own jewels and a turban, dressed several mannequins for the holidays, and talked about her talents with a group of… Continue reading Olivia Palermo Believes Anyone Can Dress Up on a Dime