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Jon Gosselin Rails Against Kate’s New Show, Believes Kids Are ‘Being Forced To Be On TV’

Kate Gosselin has decided it’s time for her family to be back on television but their return to the small screen this summer has her ex-husband Jon fuming over the decision, saying that the eight kids are “being forced to be on TV.”

The former Jon & Kate Plus 8 stars have battled for years over her desire to remain on television and his decision to yank the kids off TV and put an end to their lucrative reality show salaries.

“Jon thinks it’s a bad idea,” a source close to the reality star-turned waiter told Us Weekly.

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“He thinks the kids are being forced to be on TV.”

However, as Radar previously reported, in order to stop paying child support for his brood, Jon signed away any rights to make decisions about their television appearances.

But he still disagrees with the decision and the source told the magazine “Jon has his kids’ best interest at heart.”

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Meanwhile, Kate dismissed his complaints, saying “I don’t let it affect me.  Everyone is entitled to their opinion.”

Do you believe the Gosselin kids are being “forced to be on TV?” Sound off in comments below.

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