Emilia Fox believes her miscarriage led to break-up of her first marriage

Emilia Fox thinks that the heartbreak of her miscarriage led to the breakdown of her first marriage with ”Mad Men” actor Jared harres. The actress said that her and Jared”s relationship never recovered following the loss of their child. They split in 2008 and were finally divorced in June. “Jared and I had a fantastic

Lady Gaga believes she”s the reincarnated spirit of her dead aunt

”Poker Face” singer Lady Gaga thinks she”s the reincarnated spirit of her dead aunt. The 24-year-old star thinks that her creativity comes from her late aunt Joanne, who transferred her spirit into her mother Cynthia”s womb. “My father”s sister Joanne died when she was 19 and he was 16. And when my mother was engaged

Katherine Heigi believes in her parental instinct

Katherine Heigi knows that there is no better instinct than a mother’s. She said that it is true especially when it comes to taking care of their kids. Katherine Naleigh is now a mom to Naleigh, her 17-month old daughter. She said that a mother’s instincts are always better than the natural feeling of the