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by Radar Staff

A woman believed to be the wife of Miami Dolphins wide receiver Brandon Marshall called 911 after she allegedly stabbed the NFL star, repeating to the operator as her voice quivered: “Please come, it’s an emergency!”

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Michi Nogami-Marshall, 26, hung up the phone before telling the emergency operator where she was calling from. The operator tried to get the caller back on the line but no… Continue reading 911 Call: “Please come,” Says Woman After Stabbing of NFL Star Brandon Marshall

Based on the international comic book hit, Dylan Dog: Dead of Night stars Brandon Routh as the title character, a paranormal investigator who’s an expert at dealing with the undead. By his side is Routh’s Superman Returns costar Sam Huntington as Marcus, a recently deceased zombie who aides Dylan in his investigations across the dark, supernatural streets of New Orleans.

ComingSoon.net’s sister site ShockTillYouDrop was on hand at this past… Continue reading WonderCon Exclusive Interview: Brandon Routh and Sam Huntington

As player after player went down with a nasty stomach bug, all the Orlando Magic could do was laugh. Then they took the court and won anyway … Continue reading Brandon Bass, short-handed Orlando Magic beat Detroit Pistons

Paris Hilton and Brandon Davis took a bathroom break together during Seth MacFarlane”s bash at his Beverly Hills home Saturday night. A spy for The New York Post watched as Hilton went into the toilet to touch up her makeup. “Then Brandon squeezed in, and the two of them ducked into the stall behind the […] Continue reading Paris Hilton, Brandon Davis take ‘toilet break together’

Brandon Flowers has revealed how he channelled his grief for his dead mother into new solo album Flamingo.. . The Killers frontman cancelled the … Continue reading Brandon Flowers on grief record