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‘Scream’ Season 3: The ‘perverted’ Brandon James story is far from over


The big reveal in the “Scream” Season 2 finale was that Emma’s (Willa Fitzgerald) boyfriend Kieran (Amadeus Serafini) turned out to be Piper’s (Amelia Rose Blaire) accomplice and he’s been carrying on her murder spree in Lakewood.

But the final scene of the episode, aptly titled “When a Stranger Calls,” saw Kieran receive a phone call in prison from the patented “Scream” killer voice asking, “Who told you you could wear my mask?”

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Was it Brandon James? Was it Emma’s dad (Tom Everett Scott)? Read on for some juicy Season 3 tidbits — and keep your fingers crossed that “Scream” gets renewed by MTV because showrunners Michael Gans and Richard Register tell Zap2it they have quite a story planned out.

About that cliffhanger …

“I have my suspicions [as to who it is on the phone],” Serafini tells Zap2it. “But I’m a little reticent to accept that it is Brandon James because he’s been absent so long. If he is alive and he did call, that is really creepy.”

Whoever it is, is that person connected to Kieran?

“We don’t want to give anything away because we want you to enjoy next season,” says Gans, adding that “there’s a way” the person on the phone “could be connected [to Kieran] beyond he or she being his accomplice.”

Emma’s dad could be involved

When Zap2it asks showrunners Gans and Richard Register about Emma’s dad being involved somehow, this exchange takes place:

Register: “Definitely, we laid that out for you … that’s interesting, because Emma’s dad … ”
Gans: “Don’t say anything! We have so much we can never say. It makes interviews very interesting.”

When we wonder if perhaps the person on the phone is Emma’s dad and another season will prove our theory correct, Gans says that conceptually, that’s exactly where they want the audience to be.

“Somebody could pick right and be correct — that’s very important. So, you could be right! I’m not going to say you are, but you could be right in the third season, if there’s a third season,” says Gans.

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He later says that the beauty of a show like “Scream” is the “possibility of assistance,” since the killers often work in pairs in the franchise. This means that there’s always a whole other show happening off-camera.

“Who did what when can be adjusted in the future, as long as you’re being truthful … we have to stay true to the math of this show, but lots of things could be happening off-camera that you don’t know about. Off-camera is as much of a show as what you see happening on-camera.”

The Brandon James story is far from over

“There’s only like one-fifth of it that the audience knows,” says Register.

“The Brandon James mystery is eternal, it has to be for this series,” adds Gans. “There’s a lot we know, that we’ve figured out, that you don’t know yet. … You have to know the bones of it well enough to know what the end is. We know the end of that story, but it’s a very, very long way away — hopefully.”

Then this exchange happens:

Register: “There are some very, there’s some true significance …”
Gans: “Yeah, it’s perverted. But yeah, there’s more. Lots more.”

Eli is not necessarily dead

Despite being shot multiple times, there was no confirmation that Eli (Sean Grandillo), who was Zap2it’s No. 1 suspect for a long time this season, is dead. The showrunners hope to bring him back if they get a Season 3.

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“I think Sean is astounding as an actor, he gave a really great performance doing a very hard thing, there’s a very Tony Perkins-quality to what he does,” says Gans. “I don’t know if we can get him back, but we’re very glad you don’t know if he’s dead or alive at the end of the season finale.  We could easily bring him back, we never see him leave on a stretcher, no one ever states if he’s dead or alive. We haven’t necessarily figured out his track yet, but we would love for him to be alive.”

Kieran may also reappear

Serafini says he thinks Kieran could show up in Season 3 in a “Silence of the Lambs”-type role, with the Lakewood Four forced to rely on him for information amid a new murder spree. He hopes renewal news is coming soon. “I don’t know. I really don’t know. It all remains to be seen.”

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