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“Teen Wolf” had it all in “Motel California.” Suicide attempts, creepy figures appearing in fire, flashbacks, sex and even a shocking character return. Find out just how special a place the “Motel California” episode is in this recap

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“Motel California” begins way back in 1977, a night when a French-speaking fellow (whose last name just happens to be Argent) urgently checks into a roadside motel called the… Continue reading 'Teen Wolf' recap: Suicide and a shocking return in 'Motel California'

This weekend, Chris Tucker has a new movie coming out. And for the first time since 1997, it doesn’t have the words “rush” or “hour” in the title. It’s also his first movie in five years. Not that Tucker is complaining. As the actor explained, he was just being patient, searching for roles that didn’t have him playing the same fast-talking characters audiences know him for (see: Smokey in “Friday”… Continue reading Chris Tucker, 'Silver Linings Playbook' Star, On His Return, 'Friday' And 'California Love'

It’s almost summertime! Which means plenty of pool days, visits to the amusement park and — hopefully — lots of movie watching. However, why sit inside and touch the sticky floor of the cinema when you can take the moviegoing experience outside?

These days, outdoor screenings are practically a summer requirement, which is why Moviefone and our friends at Street Food Cinema are bringing a fresh batch of flicks for your… Continue reading Moviefone Presents Street Food Cinema In Los Angeles, California

maura tierney office3 The Office: First look at Maura Tierney in Mrs. CaliforniaThe Dec. 1 episode of “The Office” is called “Mrs. California,” and as that title implies, we’ll get to meet  Robert’s (James Spader) better half for the first time.

As Zap2it first reported in September, former “ER” and “NewsRadio” star Maura Tierney is playing Mrs. California. We’re quite curious to see what kind of woman would be married to the likes of Robert, and we hope… Continue reading 'The Office': First look at Maura Tierney in 'Mrs. California'

office halloween 2011 The Office: The only thing we have to fear is Robert CaliforniaWe have seen many an “Office” Halloween episode in the past, some focusing entirely on the festivities at Dunder Mifflin and some barely giving a nod to it.

We have never seen an “Office” Halloween episode with James Spader in the cast, though, and for that reason “Spooked” is elevated to the top tier of the series’ Halloween pantheon.

Robert’s episode-capping ghost story — crafted after he… Continue reading 'The Office': The only thing we have to fear is Robert California