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stars who need a hitApril is the cruelest month, and not just for T.S. Eliot.

At the multiplex, throughout April, we’re in for a brutal, Darwinian survival test for several A-list stars of yesteryear — from Kevin Costner to Nicole Kidman to Jude Law — all of whom are currently on the comeback trail. Some of them may end the month on their way back to… Continue reading Can These 7 Stars' Careers Be Saved by April Movies?

actor Charlie SheenIf there’s one thing we love more than watching a celebrity fall from grace here in America, it’s seeing them climb back to the top of the mountain and regain their former glory. Two of Hollywood’s biggest pariahs – Charlie Sheen and Mel Gibson – are about to attempt just that. Hey, if it worked for Michael Vick…

Sheen… Continue reading Charlie Sheen and Mel Gibson Look to Resuscitate Their Careers with New Projects