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Watch Woody Harrelson Try to Change Careers In Funny 'Lost In London' Trailer

UPDATE 1/6/17: There’s a funny trailer, of sorts, out for Lost In London, which is basically Woody Harrelson begging people to support his career change. See it at the bottom of this post.

Previously: Movie distribution has changed drastically in recent years. Movies are no longer shipped to theaters on heavy reels of film, they’re delivered on an encrypted harddrive or even beamed down from a satellite. And while this does have a certain contingent of purists upset that old school film is no longer the main means of watching a movie, it does allow for certain things film never could, like live events simulcast to different theaters. 

And now Woody Harrelson is going to take advantage of this live theatrical capability to direct and star in Lost In London LIVE,  a movie that you watch as he’s making it in real time. Yes, that is a weird sentence to read, but Harrelson’s plan is very interesting once you boil it down.

Basically, Harrelson had a plan to direct a semi-autobiographical movie inspired by a real night where he was trying to race home only to keep getting thwarted by various old friends and other famous people like Owen Wilson and Willie Nelson. It sounds kind of like a one-man Planes, Trains & Automobiles, only set in a single city.  Harrelson then had the idea that he wanted to do the entire movie in real time, meaning the whole thing is set over the course of 90-minutes or so. And since he’s already doing it live, as it were, he figured, hey, why not actually show it live and broadcast it to an audience? And thus the LIVE part of Lost In London was born.

The actor-director is partnering with Fathom Events for the one-of-a-kind experience, which will take place on January 19, 2017. But that’s not the only time you’ll ever be able to see it. Following its initial broadcast, Harrelson is planning to drop the LIVE part from the title and put Lost In London through the standard post-production process, treating it like a regular old movie that just happened to be filmed in real time.

It’s a pretty wild idea and is definitely something that’s never been done before, so if you want to be a part of history, mark your calendars now and look for tickets when they go on sale.

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