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Pictured above: Prior to the premiere of Noah Baumbach’s While We’re Young, Ben Stiller jogs up and down King street signing autographs and taking selfies with a crowd chanting his name. 

Pictured below: Alternatively, prior to the midnight screening of Kevin Smith’s Tusk, (which received a standing ovation from the late-night crowd) everyone in line was given walrus masks. Thanks to our buddy Matt Patches for… Continue reading Toronto Buzz: 'Tusk,' Chris Rock, 'While We're Young' and an Amazing Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Paul Bettany, LegionReview in a Hurry: Angels with guns! Wing-fu! God-zombies! When Legion tries to take these kinds of things too seriously, it falters, but mostly it embraces the inner cheese.
The Bigger…

Review in a Hurry: Part sci-fi thriller, part computer game, and part Marine recruiting video. A band of few-and-proud brothers fends off an alien invasion in this ultra-adrenalized Battle, which… Continue reading Movie Review: Battle: Los Angeles an All-Out Assault of Adrenaline and Cheese

So much for Safe Family Entertainment! Chaos erupted at an Orlando-area Chuck E. Cheese over the weekend after a woman in her thirties attacked a local teenager and her five-year-old autistic brother, accusing the kids of bad behavior. If these shenanigans keep up, Chuck E. Cheese will have to start serving pizza with a side of […] Continue reading Brawl At Orlando Chuck E. Cheese

Diary of a Wimpy KidReview in a Hurry: In this book-to-film adaptation, Greg Hefley has one goal: To be the most popular boy in his new middle school. But much of the book’s cartoony charm gets lost in the…