New Jennifer Hudson Album Due In March; Prince Puts Moves On Leighton Meester;

-Justin Bieber has joined PETA’s crusade for shelter pets in a second pro-animal rights PSA… -Meet the World’s Youngest Breast Cancer Survivor… -A Philadelphia abortion doctor is charged in several gruesome murders of low-income women and babies over three decades…. -Former Dancing With the Stars co-hostess, and current Entertainment Tonight correspondent, Samantha Harris welcomes a

Friday Crunch Crumbs

-OMG: Cute Overload! Meet the handsome little guy who is campaigning for the title of “Betty White’s Biggest Fan.” And we’ll be darned if he isn’t a shoe-in for “Cutest B-Dub Stan That Ever Lived!” Quick, someone start a Facebook petition to get this adorable child a meeting with Betty…. -Ryan Reynolds talks about his new