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The actress who plays Nora on One Life to Life told EW that while she thought Prospect Park was “biting off a lot” by attempting to take the canceled ABC soap online, ”I thought it was doable.”

“It was a noble attempt and I believe they really wanted to do this,” said Hillary B. Smith in response to the shocking… Continue reading ‘One Life to Live’ actor on show’s online demise: ‘It was a noble attempt’

susan-lucci-amc-abc.jpgUp until this point, Susan Lucci has been quite the team player when it comes to “All My Children’s” rough journey over the past couple of years.

Well, no more. According to the New York Post, the actress who has starred on the ABC soap opera for over 40 years has had enough. She’s reportedly adding an epilogue for the paperback edition of her book… Continue reading Susan Lucci gets last word on 'All My Children' demise

Pia Toscano’s untimely elimination from American Idol will go down as one of the most shocking moments in the show’s history – now RadarOnline.com can report a voting glitch could be to blame for the songbird’s startling departure.

The premature ousting has caused major uproar, with people even vowing never to watch the TV show again.

Now claims of a glitch with the voting system is adding further controversy to the Pia-Gate… Continue reading EXCLUSIVE: Could Voting Glitch Have Caused 'American Idol' Pia Toscano's Early Demise?

Alec Baldwin may run the fictional NBC on 30 Rock, but he does not, it seems, get to unilaterally declare the show’s future — or lack thereof — in real life. His assertion that the comedy would end after next season, as reported by Vulture, is premature, according to multiple sources involved in the production.

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