Susan Lucci gets last word on ‘All My Children’ demise

susan-lucci-amc-abc.jpgUp until this point, Susan Lucci has been quite the team player when it comes to “All My Children’s” rough journey over the past couple of years.

Well, no more. According to the New York Post, the actress who has starred on the ABC soap opera for over 40 years has had enough. She’s reportedly adding an epilogue for the paperback edition of her book, “All My Life: A Memoir,” and in it she’s naming names.

At the top of her list? ABC Daytime head Brains Frons, who she claims made decisions that ultimately killed the soap opera and cost the cast and crew their livelihood in order to keep his own job.

While she writes that she considered calling the network and telling them “F.U. — and your little dog, too,” she settled for telling Frons, “I think our being in this position is the result of some very bad decisions by you.”

Loyal to show creator Agnes Nixon who was pushed out under Frons, Lucci claims that the new head writer hired in 2008 led to the show’s scripts and storylines declining drastically.

While it may live on — for a little while at least — online, “All My Children” airs for the last time on TV Friday, Sept. 23. 

Photo/Video credit: ABC

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