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Rupert Wyatt’s remake of The Gambler arrived in theaters last Christmas without a big splash, and I think it was just the timing. It’s a very good movie, one of the most underrated of 2014, but it couldn’t compete with the awards contenders of that season. Well, there was some buzz from myself and others about John Goodman deserving a Best Supporting Actor… Continue reading Watch John Goodman Discuss His Devilishly Good Dialogue In This 'The Gambler' Clip (Exclusive)

When you’ve been around as long as The Simpsons, you eventually have to find new ways of keeping the show fresh. After 25 years, one additional trick is the idea of having a guest writer. Actually, it’s only sort of new, because while Judd Apatow is the credited pen behind this Sunday’s episode of the series, he wrote the thing as a spec script… Continue reading Discuss: Who Should Follow Judd Apatow As a Guest Writer for 'The Simpsons'?

The Oliver Stone-directed movie about Edward Snowden, who will be played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, is officially moving forward for a January shoot. Currently untitled, the story of the NSA whistle-blower is the latest added to an increasing amount of features based on recent current events.

By the time it comes out, it won’t be terribly immediate, especially if you consider that the… Continue reading Discuss: What Recent True Event Would Make a Great Movie?

Every year, there’s an unofficial song of the summer, a particular jam that makes the season special. Not that this is something universally agreed upon by anyone, just a topic for discussion and a means to good times. If there had to be any movie equivalent in 2014, it’s Guardians of the Galaxy. Of course, it helps that the movie has a great soundtack… Continue reading Discuss: What Was the Best Movie of Summer 2014?

On Friday, we get another found-footage movie: Into the Storm. This time, it’s a tornado-based disaster picture, a la Twister, but most of it is shot through the perspective of its characters’ own professional and amateur video cameras. Found footage is clearly not a trend anymore. Eventually we’re likely to see every genre and every storyline done in this style. And that’s not… Continue reading Discuss: What Is the Best Found-Footage Movie?