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Five Minutes at Sundance: Watch the ‘For A Good Time Call …’ Cast Discuss Their Hilariously Filthy Comedy

Five Minutes at Sundance is exactly that: A five-minute snippet of us on the ground with our trusty flip video recorder, snagging whatever meaty piece of film-related content we can to share with you. Yesterday we stopped by the Gen Art/Bertoli Soup lounge to feast on some delicious free soup and wound up walking in on a lively discussion with the cast, writers and director of For A Good Time Call …, which premiered last night to a standing ovation. Our review is coming later — as well as an interview with director Jamie Travis — but until then check out this brief snippet of film discussion at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival.

Featured from left to right on screen: Gen Art’s Aaron Levine, director Jamie Travis, screenwriters Lauren Miller (who also stars) and Katie Anne Naylon, and star Ari Graynor.

Note: Apologies in advance for the shaky video, but we shot this while on our knees trying not to get in the way of others.