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We’ve known for a while that the “Doctor Who” Christmas special will introduce the Doctor’s new companion — or rather, re-introduce her.

Jenna-Louise Coleman also appeared in the show’s season premiere, “Asylum of the Daleks.” In the Christmas special, “The Snowmen,” the show circles back to the Doctor meeting Clara (Coleman) for the “first” time — and this trailer suggests she knows more than a little bit about him.

We meet Clara… Continue reading 'Doctor Who': Christmas special teaser features the Doctor's new companion

Giffords’ doctors balancing role as rock stars

The two doctors treating Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords have very different backgrounds and contrasting personalities. One is trauma surgeon Dr … Continue reading Giffords' doctors balancing role as rock stars

10 Doctors of Rock

We normally don’t think of the average rocker as the smartest guy on the block. But sometimes our stereotypes can get shattered. Check out these rockers: Doctors of Rock: 10 Musicians with PhDs Continue reading 10 Doctors of Rock

Texas Medical Board is seeking help from late Michael Jackson’s mother Katherine against King of Pop’s doctor Dr. Conrad Murray, it has emerged. The Medical Board wants for a full copy of singer”s medical records, for the purpose of initiating license suspension/revocation proceedings. But someone needs to release the records, and the board thinks Katherine [...] Continue reading MJ’s mum may hold key to doctor’s fate in mystery death case

Did British actor Michael Caine persuade a doctor — sworn to preserve life — to end his father’s? In a radio interview with Britain’s Classic FM last week, the Batman actor, 77, confessed that he thought he was helping his father, fish market porter Maurice Micklewhite — who was terminally ill with liver cancer — [...] Continue reading Michael Caine Ordered Doctors To End Father’s Life