‘Doctor Who’: Christmas special teaser features the Doctor’s

We’ve known for a while that the “Doctor Who” Christmas special will introduce the Doctor’s new companion — or rather, re-introduce her.

Jenna-Louise Coleman also appeared in the show’s season premiere, “Asylum of the Daleks.” In the Christmas special, “The Snowmen,” the show circles back to the Doctor meeting Clara (Coleman) for the “first” time — and this trailer suggests she knows more than a little bit about him.

We meet Clara as a nanny, and she tells her charges that the Doctor lives on a cloud and makes sure children don’t have bad dreams — which is a pretty apt description, don’t you think? The Doctor, however, has retreated from the world a little since the Ponds left him, so he might need a little convincing to return to action.

The source of the nightmares here is Doctor Simeon (Richard E. Grant), who commands an army of fearsome-looking snowmen.

The special will air on BBC America on Dec. 25. In the meantime, though, the BBC has released a webisode that serves as a prequel to the Christmas episode. Take a look:

Photo/Video credit: BBC

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