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Coming off the heels of a “Transformers 3″ catastrophe — which brought about an extra’s critical injuries and an $ 18.5 million settlement — a woman is now suing “Men in Black 3″ for a wardrobe malfunction.

According to THR, Danika Gerner filed the lawsuit claiming that the filmmakers on “MIB 3″ outfitted her in a costume which was in “defective and dangerous condition” and explained that the crew were “negligent… Continue reading 'Men In Black 3' Lawsuit: Extra Sues For Wardrobe Malfunction

It appears producers are going to have to cough up some of the $ 1.1 billion that “Transformers: Dark of the Moon” made.

According to NBC Chicago, Gabriella Cedillo, an extra on the film, will receive $ 18.5 million from filmmakers after being injured on set.

The 26-year-old had originally sued Paramount and DreamWorks’ Studios after suffering a head injury during filming in 2010. The accident occurred while Cedillo was behind the… Continue reading 'Transformers 3' Extra Receives $18.5 Million Settlement For Injury

Coverting DVDs To Digital: Will You Pay Extra To Make Your Collection Streaming?

Sure, you love renting movies, but you haven’t been buying too many of them lately. The DVD business is dying, and not even Blu-ray may be able to save it. But the major studios, along with Walmart (the top retailer of DVDs), think they’ve figured out a way to get you buying movies again. It’s called “disc-to-digital,” and it involves charging you a couple extra bucks to turn DVDs you… Continue reading Coverting DVDs To Digital: Will You Pay Extra To Make Your Collection Streaming?

Brendan Fraser, Extraordinary MeasuresReview in a Hurry: It’s tough to make a compelling movie about enzyme synthesis, even when you have the added attraction of Harrison Ford in full caricature mode. Save for his star power, this…

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy “Thanks for your service…Now pay up!” is the warm welcome back to the USA a group of Afghan […] Continue reading Delta Airlines Slaps Veterans With Extra Baggage Fee