‘Men In Black 3’ Lawsuit: Extra Sues For Wardrobe Malfunction

Coming off the heels of a “Transformers 3” catastrophe — which brought about an extra’s critical injuries and an $ 18.5 million settlement — a woman is now suing “Men in Black 3” for a wardrobe malfunction.

According to THR, Danika Gerner filed the lawsuit claiming that the filmmakers on “MIB 3” outfitted her in a costume which was in “defective and dangerous condition” and explained that the crew were “negligent in failing to take suitable precautions” for her safety. The plaintiff said she suffered “serious bodily injuries” during production of the sci-fi blockbuster.

Gerner has not specify how the wardrobe malfunction occurred nor the injuries she sustained during filming. Columbia Pictures has not yet responded to The Hollywood Reporter‘s, request for comment.

“Men in Black 3,” which opened in theaters last weekend, ended up knocking out “The Avengers” for the top spot at the box office.

[via THR]

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