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For the world premiere of “The Hunger Games,” thousands of wannabe Tributes lined up to catch a glimpse of Jennifer Lawrence (Katniss!), Josh Hutcherson (Peeta!) or Liam Hemsworth (Gale!). But those with odds in their favor (couldn’t help it) were able to watch the screening of the uber anticipated flick before it hits theaters on March 23.

So! How better to satiate your own desire for “The Hunger Games” than reading… Continue reading 'Hunger Games' Twitter Reactions: Fans Tweet About LA Premiere

Jessica Simpson: I Dress to Inspire My Fans

jessica simpson 300x400 Jessica Simpson: I Dress to Inspire My FansMarion Curtis/Startraks

In the latest issue of ELLE, Jessica Simpson says going into design was a “natural transition” for her — and not just because she’s a savvy businesswoman.

“Every time I think I’m gonna be photographed, I wonder if somebody will see what I’m wearing, and if it’ll help ‘em put somethin’ together, maybe for school?” she reveals.

That drive to inspire… Continue reading Jessica Simpson: I Dress to Inspire My Fans

The March 19 episode of Castle, screened tonight for a packed theater during PaleyFest in Los Angeles, has all the things that make a great standalone hour.

There’s a mind-bending case (involving a murder at a Dancing With the Stars-esque show), some hilarious interactions between Ryan (Seamus Dever) and Esposito (Jon Huertas), a few great scenes involving Martha (Susan Sullivan) and a rival from her past, and, of course… Continue reading ‘Castle’ star Stana Katic: ‘Caskett fans will be very pleased by the end of the season.’ Plus, more scoop! — EW VIDEO

TheVoice giveaway eb Calling all The Voice fans: Enter our prize pack giveaway!Season 2 of “The Voice” won’t return for a few more weeks (Feb. 5), but in the meantime, NBC.com has been airing full episodes from last season to help viewers refresh their memories and relive the moments.

This week, we’ve been watching the Week Six episode from last year (“Battles… Continue reading Calling all 'The Voice' fans: Enter our prize pack giveaway!

It’s Mississippi, not Westeros. But the competition and violence is real.

History is rolling out a jousting reality show and EW.com has some exclusive first-look video. The show is called Full Metal Jousting and it follows a tournament where would-be knights strap on armor, grab a lance and ride at full gallop toward each other at 30 miles per hour. “It ain’t no dinner show,” as one rider puts… Continue reading ‘Game of Thrones’ fans: History unveils a jousting reality show — VIDEO