Lady Gaga”s meat dress – most popular costume this year for Halloween!

If there is one unique costume that everyone is seeking to put on this year in Halloween, it is none other than the bloody meat dress recently donned by Lady Gaga. said that the little bloody dress donned by the diva last month is the most searched for celebrity costume. A check of local

Lady Gaga’s Man is A Heartbreaking Cheat!

Lady Gaga’s Man is a Heartbreaking Cheat Lady Gaga’s ex-boyfriend, Luc Carl, is causing the singer tons of pain and torment.  Grazia Magazine was first to report that the bartender who just went on holiday with Gaga in Texas, is still shacking up with his former girlfriend, despite recent photographs of Gaga and Luc making out

Lady Gaga’s minder ‘clashes with photog’

Lady Gaga’s bodyguard has been accused of clashing with a photographer in Boston, Massachusetts. The Poker Face hitmaker has been in the city with her Monster Ball tour and 16-year-old cameraman Carl Wu was trying to take pictures of the singer outside a hotel when he was allegedly assaulted by a member of Gaga”s security

Lady Gaga’s new album ‘finished’

American singer Lady Gaga has said that her upcoming second album is finished. The follow-up to her debut, 2009’s The Fame, is already complete, Lady Gaga told in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine. “I’ve been working on it for months now, and I feel very strongly that it”s finished right now. It came so

Russian billionaire ‘paid $1m to star in Lady Gaga’s video’

A Russian billionaire paid a whopping 1 million dollars to star in Lady Gaga’s raunchy new video ‘Alejandro,’ it has emerged. The 30-year-old man, identified only as Arkady, gets close to the US singer, 24, in a black leather coat and cap. She is dressed as a nun. “Yes, it was me in the clip,