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Happy Holidays, StyleWatch Readers!

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12/25/2012 at 10:00 AM ET

lucy hale 300x400 Happy Holidays, StyleWatch Readers!Courtesy Bongo

No matter what holiday you celebrate at this time of year, we hope that today, you’re cuddled up in your PJs, surrounding yourself with family, friends and delicious food. That’s our plan, at least!

We’re wishing you and your loved ones much

Happy Holidays, From Moviefone

halloates Happy Holidays, From Moviefone

As I type this, it’s Hanukkah. On Sunday, it’s Christmas. I’m sure there are many more wonderful holidays, too, that I’m too lazy to look up. But, if I missed one, happy that too. We at Moviefone will still be around over the next few days in case some sort of Earth-shattering movie news happens (which we can only assume will be George Lucas making us… Continue reading Happy Holidays, From Moviefone

duff xmas twit post Hilary Duffs Baby Bump In The Buff: Happy Holidays!


By radio detection and ranging Staff

Expecting first-time mother Hilary Duff showed off her little bun — or should we say, Gingerbread man? — in the oven in a creative, seasonal way and radio detection and rangingOnline.com has the photo.

In the pic posted to her Twitter account late Thursday night, Duff flashes her baby bump, which has a gift box painted… Continue reading Hilary Duff's Baby Bump In The Buff: Happy Holidays!

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large kieslowski white blu ray 1 Criterion Corner: Criterions Amazing November DVDs & Blu Rays Deliver Masterpieces Home For The Holidays

Criterion often seems to operate inside of an Oz-like bubble of cinematic glory… Continue reading Criterion Corner: Criterion's Amazing November DVDs & Blu-Rays Deliver Masterpieces Home For The Holidays

Light fests usher in a season of holidays

It wasn’t the bright lights of the Strip attracting celebrities Saturday night; it was the Christmas lights just a few miles away.Some celebrities and about 200 others were on hand to open Opportunity Continue reading Light fests usher in a season of holidays