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October 3, 2012

Tom Jenkins And Simon Sharp, best known for their short film work, are set to rewrite and direct Giants at Sony Pictures, Deadline reports.

The film follows a race of aliens who, not realizing that they’re only 1/4 inch by human standards, set out to invade the planet Earth after a fallen screw from the Hubble Space Telescope makes them think their world is under

dancing-with-the-stars-katherine-jenkins-mark-ballas-cheryl-burke-william-levy-peta-murgatroyd-donald-driver-abc.jpg“Dancing With the Stars” Season 14 will have it’s finals on May 22. The three main competitors are equally wonderful. William Levy seems to channel Jean DuJardin with his charming face. His fabulous Latin moves are blowing the judges away. Donald Driver astounded the audience with his frenetic freestyle. Katherine Jenkins floats across the floor with the grace of a swan. How can you choose?

During… Continue reading 'Dancing With the Stars': Vote for the winner -- Donald Driver or Katherine Jenkins or William Levy?

‘Thor 2′ Director: Alan Taylor Reportedly Chosen to Replace Patty Jenkins, Kenneth Branagh

Third time’s a charm? According to Deadline, Alan Taylor has been selected by Marvel to direct ‘Thor 2.’ The television veteran replaces Patty Jenkins who left and/or was possibly removed after having creative differences with the studio. Jenkins, best known for the indie film ‘Monster’ with Charlize Theron, was the choice to take over the franchise for Kenneth Branagh.

Taylor has limited experience as a feature director… Continue reading 'Thor 2' Director: Alan Taylor Reportedly Chosen to Replace Patty Jenkins, Kenneth Branagh

Score one for the females. Following a slew of rumors, Deadline has finally confirmed that Patty Jenkins will direct ‘Thor 2.’ Jenkins is best known for her work on ‘Monster,’ the 2003 movie starring Charlize Theron, who went on to win an Oscar for her role as serial killer Aileen Wuornos. Jenkins may seem like a strange choice — and not just because most superhero films are directed… Continue reading Patty Jenkins Will Direct 'Thor 2'

Opera singer Katherine Jenkins is all set to make her acting debut with ‘Doctor Who.’ Welsh-born Katherine will star in the Christmas Special in which Amy Pond, the doctor’s assistant, goes on honeymoon. Filming for the episode, which also stars ‘Harry Potter’ actor Michael Gambon, has recently started and Katherine is unable to hold her […] Continue reading Katherine Jenkins to make acting debut with ‘Doctor Who’