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‘Famous in Love’s’ Carter Jenkins says ‘all of Hollywood is like a high school’

One of our favorite elements in Freeform’s newest series, “Famous in Love,” is the way it depicts young actors in Hollywood.

From the young starlet with mom-ager, to the cocaine addicted party girl, to the genuinely good kids harassed on a pretty much daily basis, “Famous in Love” is giving us a behind-the-scenes look at what it means to be a Hollywood hopeful at a young age. These kids all seems to know each other — having been auditioning for the same roles all their lives — and the bitter rivalries are almost as intense as the secret romances.

When we sat down with series stars Bella Thorne and Carter Jenkins, they confirmed that the series definitely does a good job of depicting the stressful lives of actors, young and old.

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“All of Hollywood is like a high school,” Carter Jenkins says. “It’s a popularity contest, and there’s the cool kids, and there’s the nerds — it’s like, the whole thing.”

“It really is,” Thorne agrees. “It’s crazy … All the time I’ll read something [in a script] and I’ll be like, ‘Oh yeah, been through that, man.’ There’s a storyline we’ll get to see on the show that I’m… Very called to. I love that storyline — because I went through it, so I genuinely understand that story more.”

Jenkins agrees that there are certain storylines in the show that struck a chord with him. “I feel pretty equipped to be living in this story because I’ve experienced a lot of the stuff that’s not so fun,” Jenkins says. “Certainly the backstabbing — it’s a tough business. But everyone in any place goes through these same things, it’s just — it’s heightened, in Hollywood, with these famous characters.”

Backstabbing and popularity contests? Sure sounds like high school to us!

Newcomer Paige Townsen (Bella Thorne) will have her work cut out for her, navigating these treacherous waters of fame. Here’s hoping she manages to come out the other end as more of a Hilary Duff than a Lindsay Lohan…

“Famous in Love” premieres Tuesday (April 18) at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Freeform.

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