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how-i-met-your-mother-jeopardy-clue-answer.jpgAlex Trebek and the
“Jeopardy!” writers totally know what the kids are into these days, you guys: Sitcoms about hip young people doin’ hip young things, like
“How I Met Your Mother.”

The recently ended long-running CBS sitcom was a clue — sorry, answer — on Friday’s (Oct. 3) episode of the syndicated quiz show, when Trebek told the contestants, “A key scene of this… Continue reading 'Jeopardy' gets hip to the kids with 'How I Met Your Mother' clue

Usually, big moments on “Jeopardy” come when a winning player gets the right question to the answer in Final Jeopardy. That wasn’t the case during the most recent Teen Tournament on the show. The Tournament’s champion, Leonard Cooper, gave what was technically the wrong answer (in the form of a question).

But his was better. Much better.

The Final Jeopardy answer at the end of the Tournament on Tuesday (Feb. 12) was… Continue reading Teen's final 'Jeopardy' answer (in the form of a question) is the greatest thing ever

Double Jeopardy

DOUBLE JEOPARDY – DVD MovieYoung Libby Parsons (Ashley Judd) is happy as a clam, and why not? She’s got a loving, successful husband (Bruce Greenwood), an adorable son, and an island home to die for. One morning, after a romantic sailing expedition with her husband, Libby finds herself covered in blood. Her husband’s… Continue reading Double Jeopardy

One small step for man. One giant leap for machine! Jeopardy! champs Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter will face off against an IBM supercomputer in episodes to be aired in February. It’s the first-ever Man vs. Machine Jeopardy! Jennings and Rutter two of the venerable game show’s most successful champions, will play two games against […] Continue reading “Jeopardy!” Man vs. Machine Faceoff — “Jeopardy” Champs Compete Against IBM Computer

Roger Craig, a 30-year-old film buff and graduate student at the University of Delaware, won $77,000 on Tuesday night’s episode of Jeopardy!, single-handedly besting the one-day record set by software engineer Ken Jennings, who went on to win $3,022,700 in a streak that stretched 74 games. But even Jennings only pocketed $75,000 in one day.Heading into […] Continue reading Roger Craig Sets New One-Day “Jeopardy!” Record