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‘People of Earth’: Ozzie’s identity crisis puts StarCrossed in jeopardy

With just three episodes left in “People of Earth’s” first season, the stakes are gradually increasing as Ozzie (Wyatt Cenac) continues to grapple with his past, while Jeff the Grey (Ken Hall) struggles with his own grief. Monday’s (Dec. 12) episode, “Mars or Bust,” finds Ozzie taking part in a highly publicized interview promoting his published takedown of Glint Enterprises.

But while Jonathan Walsh (Michael Cassidy) is stripped of his money, power and robot — seriously, who knew Nancy (Debra McCabe) was a robot!? — Ozzie is faced with a question from the crowd that finds him facing the internal struggle he’s been battling all season. When asked if he believes in aliens, he finally says yes.

people of earth jeff the grey kurt People of Earth: Ozzies identity crisis puts StarCrossed in jeopardy

It’s a big step for Ozzie, as well as the StarCrossed group as a whole, as this gives them nationwide attention. But as Ozzie realizes the implications that come with this pivotal moment — he was just offered a big job at the New York Times, after all — Jeff’s thirst for vengeance begins to take shape.

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Commandeering the Nancybot, Jeff infiltrates StarCrossed to see firsthand the threat they might represent for the aliens’ impending invasion. As Jeff puts a face to every member of the group — gaining Richard’s (Brian Huskey) romantic interest in the process — he finally puts two and two together and focuses his rage on Gina (Ana Gasteyer). She’s the one who accidentally hit Kurt the Reptilian (Drew Nelson) with her car all those episodes ago — and Jeff is on a mission to get payback.

Putting together a plan to split up StarCrossed, Jeff gets Officer Glimmer (H. Jon Benjamin) to spearhead the faux-abduction of Father Doug (Oscar Nunez). Two stoners, a mysterious van, Whip-its and some loud dubstep are all that’s required to push the holy man over the edge, and he shuts down the church to the group.

people of earth young ozzie beacon People of Earth: Ozzies identity crisis puts StarCrossed in jeopardy

As the episode closes, Ozzie discovers he’s still up for that highly coveted job back in New York. With the intention to salvage his career, he decides now is the best time to leave Beacon: StarCrossed is now without a home and without its unspoken leader.

Is this the last time Ozzie will speak to Gina, Gerry (Luka Jones), Kelly (Alice Wetterlund) and the gang? If that Beacon flashback he has at the end of the episode is any sign, we’re compelled to say no.

“People of Earth” airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on TBS.

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