Ricky Martin Kristin Chenoweth GLAAD Honors

Now openly gay singer Ricky Martin and Emmy-winning Broadway babe Kristin Chenoweth will be honored for their work to encourage equal rights for the gay community at the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation’s (GLAAD) annual Media Awards in New York City (March 19) and Los Angeles (April 10) later this year. The former Menudo

Ricky Martin “The Best Thing About Me Is You” Music VIDEO

Ricky Martin’s come a long way from those “Loco-livin’” days and “Bon-Bon Shakin’” nights. Unless of course you’re a fan of cheesy ’90s pop. In his first music video since he revealed his homosexuality (to the surprise of absolutely no one), the award-winning singer sends out a message of equality in the promo for “The