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Saul Goodman might bill a fair amount of time in the courtroom in the Breaking Bad prequel spin-off, hinted Breaking Bad writer and co-executive producer Peter Gould.

Which seems hugely obvious in retrospect, since the ethically challenged bus-stop legal eagle (Bob Odenkirk) is the star of the show. But it’s also a striking idea: We typically saw Saul in his strip-mall office during Breaking Bad. We didn’t really… Continue reading ‘Breaking Bad’: Saul Goodman spin-off might spend a lot of time in court

‘Mad Men’: 4 reasons Bob Benson might be gay

mad men bob benson gay theories Mad Men: 4 reasons Bob Benson might be gayBob Benson has been the definition of mystery this season on “Mad Men.” I don’t know if it was Matthew Weiner‘s intent to create a character that is such a lightning rod for conspiracy theories, but he’s done it and sadly enough, if Bob (James Wolk) doesn’t turn out to be a time-traveling Don Draper or a Manson acolyte who ends up murdering Megan… Continue reading 'Mad Men': 4 reasons Bob Benson might be gay

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01/15/2013 at 06:00 PM ET

No, not Jessica Alba, who carried a poodle purse to the Golden Globe Awards, but rather a fashion-forward red carpet newbie.

Quvenzhané Wallis, star of Beasts of the Southern Wild, made headlines for being the youngest person ever to be nominated for an Oscar for Best Actress. And now the 9-year-old has gained

Jaws%20Quint%20Hooper%20Brody%20(590%20x%20302) 10 Things You Might Not Know About Jaws

Steven Spielberg’s Jaws has become a bonafide pop culture phenomenon since it was released back in 1975. It’s been the subject of books, documentaries, countless Internet articles, and millions of discussions held on beaches around the globe.

The film has been dissected and analyzed so thoroughly and so often that it’s hard to find new tidbits about the production that weren’t already common… Continue reading 10 Things You Might Not Know About 'Jaws'

Androids have been an integral part of the Alien universe ever since Ash (Ian Holm) went berserk on the crew of the Nostromo. But few of the actors playing machines for an Alien film have achieved the level of mysterious tension achieved by the outstanding Michael Fassbender in Sir Ridley Scott’s latest, Prometheus. David is, on the surface, an android employed by string-puller Peter Weyland (Guy Pearce). But as