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Why Michael Che & Colin Jost might quietly be the best thing going at the

Some might say Michael Che and Colin Jost are … not the strongest Weekend Update anchors “Saturday Night Live” has ever seen. But nothing is more enjoyable than watching comedians crack each other up and that’s exactly what happened during the Democratic National Convention edition of Weekend Update.

The two bounce from Bernie Sanders supporters — “Look at all these white girls crying, they look like Dave Matthews just played ‘Crash Into Me.’” — to Bill Clinton’s oddly specific detail in his speech about wife Hillary — “She did believe I had gone a little over the top when I took a couple of days off with Chelsea to watch all six ‘Police Academy’ movies back to back.”

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“You watched all six ‘Police Academys’?! Even Steve Guttenberg quit after four!” says Jost, which leads Che into, “It’s also important to note that this was pre-Netflix. He had to go to the store and get six videotapes!”

Which leads to a discussion about Bill Clinton also renting a porno and Jost totally loses it.

The crowning moment is when Jost says that Donald Trump telling Russians to hack Hillary Clinton is taking jobs away from hard-working American hackers, like “Johnny Fappelstein, who’s out there every day, hacking into Selena Gomez’s iPhone for fresh nudes!”

Che gives Jost the most withering look and says, “You’ve been pitching Fappelstein for two seasons now and you finally snuck it in on a different network. You should be ashamed of yourself.”

There’s also a segment they did trying to give water bottles with Trump labels to DNC attendees and one woman legitimately screams and practically throws the bottle back at them. She’s the DNC MVP.

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