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Abraham Lincoln was a hell of a president, and this year he’s being treated as such. In 2012 alone he’s had two movies dedicated to his life. The first, “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter,” was a mostly fictional account (I think) about the president’s tireless campaign against undead bloodsuckers. The second, Steven Spielberg’s “Lincoln” (opening wide this week), takes a more factual approach to his life, focusing on the last four… Continue reading 'Lincoln' Review: The Pros And Cons Of The Presidential Flick

saturday night live kate mckinnon fred armisen tom hanks presidential debate nbc Tom Hanks a surprise Saturday Night Live guest in Presidential debate sketchTom Hanks wasn’t the host of this week’s “Saturday Night Live,” but he dropped by for a special guest appearance anyway.

The longtime friend-of-”SNL” was on hand to give an extra boost to host and musical guest Bruno Mars (who proved to be up to the double duty, thank you very much), and first turned up near the tail end of the overly long Presidential debate… Continue reading Tom Hanks a surprise 'Saturday Night Live' guest in Presidential debate sketch

Getting goosebumps from President Thomas J. Whitmore’s speech in “Independence Day” is one thing. (“We will not go quietly into the night!” is a pretty powerful line, especially when about to face off with an alien race intent on over taking the planet.) But, some of the best on-screen commanders-in-chief have been based on our real-life leaders.


 ‘Scandal’: Kerry Washington talks premiere’s presidential twist

Image Credit: Danny Feld/ABC

SPOILER ALERT! If you haven’t yet watched the premiere of ABC’s new D.C.- set Shonda Rhimes drama Scandal, stop reading now… During a fairly steamy scene in the Oval Office, we learned that Olivia Pope (star Kerry Washington), the former communications director to President Fitzgerald Grant (Ghost‘s Tony Goldwyn), had left the White House to open her own… Continue reading ‘Scandal’: Kerry Washington talks premiere’s presidential twist

Herman Cain Herman Cain Drops Out Of Presidential Race


By radio detection and ranging Staff

Insisting he is “at peace” with his wife and with God, Herman Cain has “suspended” his race for president.

Citing the “impact” what he claims are false accusations of sexual misconduct, Cain said he came to the conclusion it would be “best to suspend this campaign.”

Cain continues to maintain that all the allegations are untrue, said… Continue reading Herman Cain Drops Out Of Presidential Race