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kim gravel kim of queens lifetime 325 Kim of Queens Kim Gravel: Beauty pageants get a bad rap“Kim of Queens,” Lifetime’s latest reality show featuring girls in tiaras and mothers in snits, premieres Wednesday, Jan. 1.

The show, which will then move to Tuesdays following “Dance Moms,” focuses on Kim Gravel, a pageant coach who, with her mom, Jo, and sister Allisyn, works with young beauty contestants.

In the pilot, Gravel sees a diamond in the rough in Addison, a

Eminem Takes the Big Stage as Rap Rules Bonnaroo

After a little more than an hour of a hard-as-nails set that had the bikini-clad rumps shaking at Bonnaroo, Eminem thanked the crowd and left the … Continue reading Eminem Takes the Big Stage as Rap Rules Bonnaroo

‘Godfather Of Rap’ Gill Scott-Heron Dies

Gil Scott-Heron, dubbed the “godfather of rap” for his mix of poetry and music, died Friday in New York, his publicist at XL Recordings said. He … Continue reading 'Godfather Of Rap' Gill Scott-Heron Dies

Nate Dogg, whose hooks boosted rap hits, dies

Singer Nate Dogg, whose near monotone crooning anchored some of rap’s most seminal songs and helped define the sound of West coast hip-hop, has … Continue reading Nate Dogg, whose hooks boosted rap hits, dies

Plop in your earplugs! Spencer Pratt isn’t the only Silver Spooner assassinating the rap industry, one rhyme at a time. Chet Haze (whose government name is Chester Hanks) is the son of Oscar winner Tom Hanks, he also happens to be a self-described “up and coming” emcee. The Northwestern University student made a splash on [...] Continue reading Chet Haze — Tom Hanks’ Son — Releasing Rap Album