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kim-gravel-kim-of-queens-lifetime-325.jpg“Kim of Queens,” Lifetime’s latest reality show featuring girls in tiaras and mothers in snits, premieres Wednesday, Jan. 1.

The show, which will then move to Tuesdays following “Dance Moms,” focuses on Kim Gravel, a pageant coach who, with her mom, Jo, and sister Allisyn, works with young beauty contestants.

In the pilot, Gravel sees a diamond in the rough in Addison, a

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Australian R ‘n’ B singer Jessica Mauboy has revealed that she had to pay rapper Snoop Dogg a hefty sum to get him to rap on her song ‘GetEmGirls’. Mauboy, 21, also said that she could have bought a house with the money she paid Snoop Dogg, 39, and Ludacris, 33, to rap on her […] Continue reading Jessica Mauboy paid Snoop Dogg hefty sum to rap