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best jump scares oculus The 10 Greatest Jump Scares in Horror History

Oculus is a fine film and easily one of the best horror movies you’ll see in 2014 (read our review). The story is small but clever, the characters simple but likable, and the scares frequent but effective. Like most modern horror movies, it often relies on jump scares. You what those are, right? Moments where a character, an animal or an object suddenly enters the… Continue reading The 10 Greatest Jump Scares in Horror History

The Lords of Salem

From the singular mind of horror maestro Rob Zombie comes a chilling plunge into a nightmare world where evil runs in the blo… Read More


Horror-meister Rob Zombie returns to theaters this weekend with an eerie new project titled “The Lords of Salem.” The film stars Zombie’s real-life wife, Sherri Moon (star of his “Devil’s Rejects” and “Halloween” remake), as a radio… Continue reading 'The Lords of Salem' Director Rob Zombie on Satanic Scares and 'Pointless' Remakes

  • Ariana Richards (Lex Murphy)

  • Ariana Richards (Lex Murphy)

    After Richards took on her most famous role as Lex Murphy in “Jurassic Park,” she appeared in a few television shows — including “Boy Meets World” — and made-for-tv movies throughout the ’90s. Ultimately, she decided to leave Hollywood behind, and went on to earn a B.S. in Drama and Fine Arts from Skidmore College in 2003. She now lives in Oregon and

  • Discuss: Which Film Scares You the Most?

    jaws14 Discuss: Which Film Scares You the Most?

    Here’s another discussion poll in honor of “Jaws Week.” Steven Spielberg’s film is one of the scariest of all time for two reasons. One is that it’s filled with suspense. Jaws deals with a monster that is very easily concealed and so not even a wide shot provides us with safety from the possibilty of attack. Well, unless it’s a scene on land, of course. The… Continue reading Discuss: Which Film Scares You the Most?

    Hard to say what’s scarier: the downright hostile reviews and word-of-mouth for ‘The Devil Inside,’ or the fact that the pans didn’t stop the new horror movie from a record-breaking box office debut. ‘Devil’ took possession of the box office crown with an estimated $ 34.5 million, about twice what was expected, setting a record for the biggest opening ever for the first weekend of the year.

    No one expected much… Continue reading Weekend Box Office: 'Devil Inside' Scares Up Record-Breaking Debut