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Tara Reid’s Skeletal Figure Scares Fans BEFORE She Puts On Halloween Costume!

Tara Reid unintentionally gave her fans a fright on Halloween by posting an Instagram photo of her looking scarily skinny.

The disturbing picture – which was swiftly deleted – showed the blonde in her panties getting ready to put on her fancy dress outfit.

The caption was, “Starting to get dressed for my costume.”

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But the 38-year-old pulled the photo, which showed her with toothpick thin legs and a gaping thigh gap.

However, the actress has kept a selfie showing her in her Halloween costume in full. In that photo she is completely clothed, dressed as a 1920s flapper girl.

It’s not the first time that Reid’s rake thin appearance has drawn concern.

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Over the years her frame has become more and more skeletal. And the Sharknado star’s curvy body is a thing of the past.

The actress frequently shares bikini snaps with her Instagram followers.

But Reid hasn’t always received complimentary responses for her efforts.

One user commented on a photo showing the bikini-clad star among some trees, saying, “I think one of those leaves weighs mo [sic] than her… Umm food is essential!”

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