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Patrick Stewart is about to go where no Enterprise captain has gone before: into the lead role in a premium cable comedy. As the star of Starz’s “Blunt Talk,” he gets to play an ambitious, reckless cable news host, and he gets to show off the comedic chops that he seldom displays in an acting career most famous for sci-fi heroics and Shakespearean speeches.

Stewart, of course, has… Continue reading 'Star Trek: The Next Generation' Cast: Where Are They Now?

What’s the definition of a fan film? Apparently anything involving copyrighted material produced by filmmakers at any cost whatsover, so long as they don’t profit. They’re not necessarily low-budget amateur works funded by fans’ spare income anymore. Not in the age of crowdfunding. Today, a team can go on Kickstarter and Indiegogo and raise more than a million dollars for something that will… Continue reading This Million-Dollar 'Star Trek' Movie Is a Fan Film on Steroids

After last week’s super-sized 100th column, it’s time to get back on track with another roundup of comics, collectibles, movies, and other assorted geekery to look for this month. Along with the reboot of Fantastic Four arriving in theaters soon, there’s also an impressive number of lower-profile films you might want to keep on your radar, as well as a long list… Continue reading Your Ultimate August Geek Guide: An X-Files Anthology, A Star Trek Crossover, and More

Today is a good day for geek franchises. We’ve already gotten some Marvel tidbits, most notably that the new standalone Spider-Man movie would be taking notes from John Hughes’ high school movies, and now there are even more morsels on the way. And, surprisingly, they’re not all Marvel related!

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

That’s the official title of the next Guardians of the Galaxy

The next installment of Star Trek began principal photography today. It could very well be a departure of sorts from the previous two installments, if only because their director, J.J. Abrams, went and made a Star Wars movie instead. There’s a new guy at the helm, and that’s about all we know for sure. But below we’ll guide you… Continue reading 'Star Trek 3' Begins Filming -- See the First Set Photos, Plus More On the 2016 Sequel