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quickchange What Is the Most Underrated Remake?

There are some really great remakes, among them The Fly, The Thing, The Departed, The Maltese Falcon, Ocean’s ElevenSome Like It Hot and Cape Fear. And there are some really terrible remakes, basically the majority of them. But there are plenty that are okay, maybe even good, and these tend to fall toward the negative side anyway due to the general thinking about their kind. 

I’ll lump the… Continue reading What Is the Most Underrated Remake?

only%20god%20forgives%20underrated What Is the Most Underrated Movie of 2013?

Are we still talking about 2013? Well, yes, now is actually the best part of the year in review. You’ve seen the top ten lists and a lot of the announcements of awards winners and nominees. It’s time to chime in with what you think is missing from all those professional tabulations. It’s time to talk about the underseen, underappreciated and underprized. In short, the underrated –… Continue reading What Is the Most Underrated Movie of 2013?

pain  gain movie wide Your Top Three: Most Underrated Movie Performances of 2013

Your Top Three is a series here at Movies.com where we choose a topic and you give us your top three picks.

With today’s announcement of the SAG Award nominations came a few surprise exclusions. Many are mentioning the lack of Robert Redford in the Best Actor category for All Is Lost. Others are noting that, even while deeming her voice-only performance eligible, the Screen Actors… Continue reading Your Top Three: Most Underrated Movie Performances of 2013

He’s Indiana Jones. He’s Han Solo. He’s Richard Kimble. He’s, well, what else? Harrison Ford has had a long and illustrious (well, parts of it, anyway) career, yet he’s usually only associated with those three roles — two, really, if we’re talking about popularity level.

However, there are plenty of other unappreciated performances in Ford’s filmography that deserve more recognition. It’s not they’re ignored completely, just sadly overlooked.

Below, we’ve rounded up… Continue reading Harrison Ford's Most Underrated Roles: 9 Characters Not Named Han Or Indy

The Most Underrated ‘Twilight Saga’ Characters

As the “Twilight” series sparkles for the final time on the big screen, it would be all too easy to write yet another feature about Bella, Edward and Jacob, but it took a huge ensemble of