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Top 10 most underrated moments of ‘The Vampire Diaries’

Over the course of eight seasons, “The Vampire Diaries” has created some pretty epic moments that will surely go down in TV history. From last dances to first kisses to joyful victories and crushing defeats, the residents of “Mystic Falls” have truly given us their best.

However, among all the insanely powerful scenes that always top the charts, there are just as epic moments that often go unsung. As we reach the home stretch of “The Vampire Diaries” finale season, Screener decided to highlight these underrated moments to give them their time in the sun.

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Katherine saying goodbye

large Top 10 most underrated moments of The Vampire Diaries

After five seasons of being hell on wheels, Katherine (Nina Dobrev) went to the literal hell after being expelled from Elena’s body. In her final farewell, she gave a personalized goodbye to every character from Caroline — whom she killed — to Stefan and Damon, her two epic loves.

Stefan catching Elena

catch Top 10 most underrated moments of The Vampire Diaries

Even though his humanity was supposed to be off, Stefan (Paul Wesley) couldn’t quite keep his emotions from showing when he caught Elena from her fake drunken fall. It might not be the best Stelena moment, but it’s definitely an underrated one in our book.

Damon met Elena first

damon first meeting dec16 Top 10 most underrated moments of The Vampire Diaries

It’s hard to pick out a Delena moment that isn’t universally rated as EPIC, but this one always seems to escape the “Best Of” charts for some reason. Finding out that Damon actually met Elena (Nina Dobrev) first changed the entire trajectory of their relationship, which did eventually lead to Elena choosing him in the end.

The Mikaelson ball

giphy1 Top 10 most underrated moments of The Vampire Diaries

It’s rare that you get all your main characters in one scene together, but the Mikaelson ball allowed for exactly that situation. The intricate dance scene gave us great shipper moments for Delena, Stelena, and Klaroline, and it had a bonus of having some seriously beautiful choreography.

Tyler’s breakdown

giphy 3 Top 10 most underrated moments of The Vampire Diaries

After being compelled by Klaus to live with his inadequacies and never return to New Orleans, Tyler Lockwood (Michael Trevino) returned home a broken man. Staring down an endless eternity alone, with no way to getting even and moving on, Tyler pretty much lost it. We don’t always appreciate how rough Tyler had it, but in this moment, we really felt for the guy.

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Caroline singing at Liz’s funeral

f1e3caf3f81a026d19781e286e9df72b Top 10 most underrated moments of The Vampire Diaries

Liz’s death was a huge moment for Caroline’s character, but we were never more moved by her grief than when she sang a capella at her mother’s funeral. If you’re ever in the mood for a good cry, go check out this heartbreaking scene.

Bonnie’s suicide video

giphy 2 Top 10 most underrated moments of The Vampire Diaries

Speaking of heartbreaking, how in the world did we ever survive Bonnie (Kat Graham) tearfully saying goodbye to all her friends when she thought she couldn’t go on anymore in the 1994 prison world? It was an absolutely stunning performance by Kat Graham that deserves all the awards.

Stefan bringing the girls to Caroline for a sleepover

80da58bb79680fcbdd3ffbe6d1fc1d67 Top 10 most underrated moments of The Vampire Diaries
In the midst of all the romantic moments between Stefan and Caroline, the one that always stands out to us is back before they were an item, and just good friends. Stefan sensing that Caroline truly needed her friends to “slumber it” with her is probably the best testament to how deep Steroline’s bond runs. Plus, it was a pretty heartwarming moment between the girls, which is always nice.

Matt & Penny car scene

giphy 1 Top 10 most underrated moments of The Vampire Diaries

Matt (Zach Roerig) hasn’t always had the most emotionally challenging storylines on “The Vampire Diaries” — but when he does, he has the power to blow you away. Watching him beg Penny’s (Ana Nogueira) ghost to take him with her, so they could be together in the afterlife, had literally everyone reaching for the tissues.

Doppelganger mania

giphy 4 Top 10 most underrated moments of The Vampire Diaries
It’s often hard to keep track of all those doppelgangers — but it was particularly difficult in Season 5, when there were three of them running around. The scene where Elena, Katherine, and Amara are all huddled around a table together was a pretty epic achievement for the show. Not only did Dobrev manage to give each character a distinct look and feel, the show used just the right amount of movie magic to make that scene believable. We always thought this one deserved more attention.

“The Vampire Diaries” airs Fridays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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