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UPDATE: After drawing headlines for mocking Ashton Kutcher as the new Two and a Half Men star, Sheen just tweeted a complimentary reversal: “#Winning Congrats to the cast and crew…CBS & WB..! My best to @aplusk!! [Kutcher's Twitter handle] The show must go on… You got the right guy! c” Kutcher quickly tweeted back: “#2.5  UPDATE: Charlie Sheen reacts to ‘Men’ hire, Ashton Kutcher responds

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We’re only a couple of weeks away from broadcasters unveiling their fall schedules and intriguing pilots are emerging as front-runners to land coveted series orders. Of the two most high-profile super-girl-power pilots, ABC’s Charlie’s Angels has ridiculously strong odds; we’re told its screenings have gone very well. NBC’s Wonder Woman is considered less certain despite  Pilots update! Latest buzz on Gellar, Sutherland, Allen projects

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Tarsem Singh Offers Snow White Update

Just hours after it was announced that Lily Collins was stepping into the title role of Tarsem Singh’s Untitled Snow White Project , MTV News spoke with the director about the choice and got some interesting details about his original take on the material.

Explaining that he cast the film backwards, going for the Queen, the Prince and then Snow White, Singh explained that the Prince (to be played by Armie… Continue reading Tarsem Singh Offers Snow White Update

Immediately following a very well-received Cowboys & Aliens panel at this weekend’s WonderCon in San Francisco, producer and screenwriter Robert Orci spoke with press backstage about the film, also dropping a few details about the upcoming Star Trek sequel which he’s scripting alongside writing partner Alex Kurtzman.

In addition to saying that he thinks that production will begin this fall, Orci admitted that specific fan reactions to the original film have… Continue reading WonderCon: Roberto Orci Offers Star Trek 2 Update

Zack Snyder Offers Superman Update

Zack Snyder has offered a lengthy update on the status of his upcoming Superman reboot to The LA Times , including confirmation that the film will likely be titled (as has long been rumored) The Man of Steel (though that has not been finalized).

Again likening the project to Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins , Snyder reiterates that his film will completely reboot the franchise and won’t contain any traces of… Continue reading Zack Snyder Offers Superman Update