The host of the show “Today” Matt Lauer and his wife Annette is getting divorced. The rumors are that it is Alexis Houston that has cast a shadow in their life. It was a tabloid who reported these rumors and the move of the couple to get separated.

The couple soon came out with a statement denying this news. Later a report hit the web that Matt Lauer was in a relation with Alexis Houston who claims to be the half sister of Whitney Houston.

The representative of Whitney Houston has denied this claim and said that Whitney had no relationship with her.
There are some rumors that Matt and Alexis have known each other for several years. They first met when she came to participate in his show. The gossip site Hollyscope says that Lauer reached to Alexis when she came to sing in place of Whitney.

The representative of whitney has denied this too and said that she never had plans to sing at the winter Olympics. Alexis also tweeted out saying that she never had any involvement with Lauer and doesn’t even recall meeting him.

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